Skull-Plus (Branched Chain Aminos, Taurine, & Caffeine)

Product image 1Skull-Plus (Branched Chain Aminos, Taurine, & Caffeine)
Product image 2Skull-Plus (Branched Chain Aminos, Taurine, & Caffeine)
Product image 3Skull-Plus (Branched Chain Aminos, Taurine, & Caffeine)

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Looking for an Intra-workout drink, than you have found it. Skull-Plus provides the essential branched chain aminos, L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine combined with caffeine (150 mg/serving) to maximize muscle synthesis while you work out, as well as L-taurine (2560 mg). The perfect combination to get the most out of your workout.  Research indicates that in order to maximize muscle synthesis, athletes should drink BCAA DURING their workouts.  Drink Skull-Plus during your workout and then have some of our Four Plate Protein within 1-2 hours post exercise to truly get the results you work for and want.  Grind on. Trust the science, trust VANTRITION. We are VANTRITION.
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