Sports Nutrition Counseling for the Serious Athlete

You have been putting in years of practice, training & playing.  Are you dealing with injuries, no increases in mass, or not reaching your athletic goals?  Are you at your best? 

Nutrition can make the difference.  Now is time to talk to a Sports Nutrition Professional. 

Bigger, faster, stronger. 

Vantrition's Sports Nutrition Counseling Program allows you this chance. 

Our Goal: To prepare athletes nutritionally to handle and exceed the demands of training and competition to reach their highest potential. We have been working with professional, collegiate, high school and younger athletes for over 25 years to help them maximize their performance, repair and reduce injuries through proper nutrition. We understand how to keep athletes strong through scientific methods focusing on nutrition. Staying healthy during the season, as well as during the off-season, can make the difference between getting to the next level, or being in the dugout. If you are serious about being an athlete, invest in yourself & invest in Vantrition Sports Nutrition Counseling Professionals. Don't wait until it's too late.

Time and the seasons go fast.  Be at your best.

How can we help you?

Some areas of focus have included:

  • Refuel faster for the next workout or event
  • Improve and maintain your arm health to handle the stresses of pitching

  • Gain musclemass and weight

  • Lose weight, but minimize muscle loss

  • Improve recovery and repair                                         

  • Become and learn how to be a healthier athlete

  • Reach your goals and "get to thenext level"

What's included in our Sports Nutrition Counseling Program:

  • Working with Dr. David Vanata, Board Certified in Sports Nutrition, and other sports nutrition professionals who understand how nutrition can make a difference for maximizing performance and reducing injury for athletes. He has been counseling serious athletes for over 25 years. 
  • Allows both athletes and/or parents to directly contact us with nutrition questions, whether in the gym, at the field, hotel, restaurant, or home. 
  • Dietary evaluations and computer analyses of the athlete's nutritional intake, one at beginning and another after the athlete has been following the recommendations. Click Hereto see example of computerized Dietary Analysis.
  • Personalized nutritional plan and recommendations based on this analysis and the athlete's goals. Click Here to see example of 2000 Kcal Meal Plan for Collegiate Athlete.
  • Recommendations for pre and post-game, event, or training, out of season, as well as in-season recommendations.
  • A reliable resource for sports nutrition information that you can contact directly via email, phone or text.


What to expect:

  • We have the professional and scientific background to provide nutritional recommendations that work and are safe. 
  • Your first communication will involve identifying the athlete's goals, concerns, playing/working out schedule, injury history, and initiate the discussion of outlining nutritional strategies to address each.  Evaluations, completed on-line, regarding food preferences or allergens, eating habits, and sleeping schedules, will be provided.  
  • Depending on your goals, additional meetings can be scheduled to update the progress of the athlete, which can then generate additional recommendations and strategies. Your goals become our goals. 
  • Each athlete will receive personalized nutritional recommendations based on their goals, current dietary intake, and performance levels. These recommendations can be provided in writing, which will allow athletes to review and follow them as they move forward with the plan. 
  • Follow-up with each athlete to support them along the way and become a resource for any questions or concerns related to nutrition.  
  • This is a process that with determination and dedication will result in attaining your goals. Change doesn't happen overnight, but taking the steps to improve your nutritional health will make the difference between reaching your peak athlete performance level and being one of the many athletes with wasted potential.  Bigger, faster, stronger. Nutrition doesmake the difference. 
  • Cost of counseling: $99.99
  • 20% discount on any Vantrition products

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Questions?  Contact me directly

Contact Dr. David Vanata, RDN, Board Certified in Sports Nutrition
Director of Sports Nutrition 



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